While Breast Cancer Update is extremely effective at delivering research leader perspectives, the series does not address practitioners’ almost unanimous interest and desire to learn more about how their counterparts differ (or are the same) with respect to clinical decision-making. In order to provide BCU audiences with an updated composite of the current trends in the community and document the potential impact of emerging clinical research on practice patterns, the Breast Cancer Update team launched the CME periodical Patterns of Care.

The basis of this journal is a series of patterns of care surveys. One hundred and fifty to 200 randomly selected medical oncologists are periodically queried in groupings of 50. The surveys used are a composite of slightly modified case presentations representative of clinical situations these specialists face in their practices every day. Each edition of the print periodical contains an edited compilation of the results of these surveys, investigator commentary and relevant clinical references. The journal and its corresponding slide kit regularly bring to light national treatment patterns in pre-invasive, adjuvant and metastatic breast cancer scenarios and illustrate prevailing perspectives on a variety of topics including closed, ongoing and proposed protocol designs; impact and usage of new therapies and similarities that exist with regard to management of patients and clinical practice.

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