Independent cancer conferences are among the most powerful and effective means to reach and educate a wide array of community-based physicians. Beginning in 1994, Dr Neil Love and Breast Cancer Update began a unique relationship with the Miami Breast Cancer Conference that remains in place today. This relationship has progressed from one of supportive partner in the 90s to Dr Love’s appointment as co-director of the conference in 1997. The growth of this relationship and the innovations brought to the Miami Meeting by Dr Love and the Breast Cancer Update team directly led to groundbreaking academic partnerships with Northwestern University’s Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Symposium and the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium. Today, Breast Cancer Update contributes numerous educational enhancements to these events including the ongoing development of the SABCS/BCU Clinical Trials exhibit.

Recent Meeting Partnerships
San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium
Miami Breast Cancer Conference
Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Symposium

Dr Craig Henderson answers questions inside the Breast Cancer Update Clinical Trials Exhibit at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium.